Act fast! Snow Monkey mints have an ultra-low supply of 500 items only.
The Expeditious Snow Monkey NFT collection is available for sale on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. Ready your MetaMask wallet and shop our NFTs now.

100 NFTs

remaining for Pre Sale

Price TBA

400 NFTs

remaining for Public Sale

Price TBA


per wallet

5 NFTs

Minting is completely random, you will be able to see which watch is redeemable after successfully minting. If you would like to redeem a different UGOKI watch, you may opt to trade on the secondary marketplace, OpenSea. Max Mints Per wallet are 5, guaranteed to land you on a different watch every mint, this way you collect five distinct watch designs. We instilled the grace of Japanese cities into each sub-collection: Kyoto, Narita, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka. There will be something special included in the gift box for ones that have the entire collection
We will now be implementing Snow Monkey NFTs with two states:
The initial state for a freshly minted Snow Monkey is unredeemed. An UGOKI watch is attached to the NFT and it can be resold to a new owner who will have the option of redeeming the watch. The NFT remains in this state until one of the owners along the line opt to redeem it, after which the UGOKI watch artwork leaves the Snow Monkey‘s wrist on the digital art NFT, and transitions to a redeemed state. It becomes a plain digital artwork and is sold as such.
Once redeemed, the state of a Snow Monkey NFT is irreversible and new buyers cannot request for another watch.
Interested to discover more about our smart contract visit this link