about us
about us
UGOKI is a widely-acclaimed watchmaking company based in Hong Kong with a loyal customer base throughout Asia. We look to share the experience of owning our precious timepieces with the world through non-fungible collections and the powerful platform of the web3. We dashed at the window of opportunity presented by non-fungible tokens, to create stunning multi-purpose NFT collections crafted with the thought of the mystery and beauty of Japanese culture. UGOKI establishes a strong industry presence in the web3 space by providing non-fungible tokens that interact with the virtual and tangible aspects of life seamlessly.

Our debut NFT collection, the Japanese-inspired „Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block„ is featured by fascinating digital art of old-world monkeys native to Japan known as Japanese Macaque or snow monkeys. This collection shows off graceful designs of UGOKI watches that jump to life at the command of the NFT holder.

UGOKI‘s exploration into web3 goes beyond selling NFTs with real-life utilities. Through the first collection and many others to come, the dream is to build a community experience packed with engagements, social activities, and networking opportunities.
Read our whitepaper to go on into more details about the UGOKI web3 ecosystem.
Meet the team
The Ugoki team is staffed with niche experts armed with years worth of field experience within and outside the blockchain industry. Together this collection of elite individuals assembles to form a power team with the know-how to manage the different moving parts of the project and squash any potential challenges we may encounter in the future.
Aka Takure
Founder and CEO
Takure is the founder of the UGOKI Web3 project. While successfully handling the same role at the UGOKI watchmaking industry, Umair uses this experience to coordinate the teams activity to bring the project closer to predefined goals
Aka Akio
Chief Technology Officer
An experienced software developer who has served several high-end Japanese fintech companies. Aiko moderates all operations under hood to maintain the smooth running of the project
Aka Jiro
Lead Designer
Jiro our senior UI/UX designer who creates user intuitive interfaces for our websites and applications while keeping the UGOKI brand image in mind
Aka Mion
Frontend Developer
Max, our front-end expert, he develops user intuitive interfaces for our websites and applications while keeping the UGOKI brand image in mind
Aka Renzo
Social Media Manager
The social media expert looks after our online community engagement. Renzo manages our socials and develops content creation ideas
Aka Itsuki
Community Manager
Itsuki is a public relations expert, who has worked closely with renowned watchmakers in Hong Kong as a social media manager for over eight years. With his fine-tuned people skills, Itsuki facilitates communication with the UGOKI community and the rest of the world
Aka Daisuke
Video Specialist
Vlad is a video expert charged with the duty of creating and editing engaging videos for public relations
Aka Itachi
Chief Marketing Officer
Itachi is at the forefront of our digital marketing operations. He oversees the project's branding, ensuring consistency in brand tone, and facilitating brand awareness
Aka Goku
Specialist Copywriter
A senior blockchain writer armed with extensive experience in a number of Web3 startups. Caleb brainstorms content marketing strategies and expresses the project with formidable words
Aka Haruto
Khalid uses his managerial skills from previous work experiences to mobilize the team's effort and develop general strategies for pushing UGOKI the project towards our desired goals
Aka Minato
As a professional accountant, Manesh manages the project's purse, monitoring cash, and working out strategies to maximize profit margins