UGOKI Season 1: NFT Collection

Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block

1000 Counts

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Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block


The Japanese Macaque, also known as the snow monkey, is a terrestrial Old World monkey species that is native to Japan. They are referred to as “snow monkey” because some live in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year.

From the snowy mountains of Japan, these monkeys have made a tremendous journey to the Blockchain, in hopes of being minted. They had left their homes, getting tired of the extreme cold and snow in Northern Japan. They have rather unusual behaviours, including bathing together in hot springs and rolling snowballs for fun. Most important element is that they love to stick together. This time, it was a 1000 of them cemented together on their expedition.

Having lost track of time on their journey, a volcanic eruption on the glorious Mount Fuji had worked to their advantage. The ashes from this eruption led to multiple explosions, little did they know, they were about to run into treasure trove, beautiful timepieces with “UGOKI” all over them. The snow monkeys were over the moon, in a tango, jumping everywhere. Soon they realised that the party’s over, it’s time to move on, with the mission they had left their homes for, to get to the blockchain.


The kickstarter to this entire campaign will be UGOKI NFT Art Collection consisting of 1000 unique “Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block”, this collection will be on the Ethereum Chain Network and will be available on the minting website firstly, then listed on OpenSea for sale. In this art collection of 1000 unique snow monkeys, there are a total of 5 watch designs put on 200 each of these NFTs, totalling 1000 NFTs. Buyers of these Snow Monkeys will be rewarded the watch that their NFT is wearing and the watch they will be rewarded is going to come with a certificate of authentication which will be in form of an NFT. The first watch collection from UGOKI “First Night in Nihon” will consist of 5 designs, 200 pieces each, totalling 1000 watches, each of these will be numbered to support its exclusivity, for e.g., 1/1000, 355/1000 etc.


UGOKI WATCHES - Official Partners of Ango Eco-System

  • MAY 2022


    Launch 1000 Japanese Macaque inspired snow monkeys to the world. Whitelist spots will be limited to 250. Whitelist will go live on this website. How to qualify? Follow all our Socials and Join our Discord Server to find out more about the Whitelist Campaign.


    We will be having our Public Sale shortly after Whitelist Sales. Remaining 750 go on sale!


    We will gather all holders in a specific channel with success in minting. Talk Watches, NFTs, Meet-ups, Networking, Holder Only Events!

  • Redeem UGOKI watches

    Owners of UGOKI Snow Monkey NFT will be rewarded a Japanese Cities inspired Luxury Automatic Timepiece, Redeeming process will take place at

  • Transferring of UGOKI “Certificate of Authentication”

    UGOKI, manufacturers of the luxury watch will be releasing COAs to its respective owners for their watch with the seamless help of our smart contract designed to do so automatically when NFT is detected in your wallet when redeeming the timepiece.

  • JUNE 2022


    ANGO is an Eco-System consisting of Ango Utility Token, Ango Crypto/NFT Wallet and Digital Assets Marketplace. They will be hosting an Airdrop to its users on launch where they will receive smartwatches designed by UGOKI.


    - We will be creating a domestic marketplace dedicated to trading Ugoki NFTs and their corresponding watches. On the platform, interested buyers and sellers can meet and exchange an Ugoki NFT and real-life watch for an agreed price. We will serve as the intermediary for the transaction to ensure a fair trade and a smooth, transparent change of hands of the Ugoki watch.
    - After the end of the minting period, those that desire to sell their watches can make requests at

  • JULY 2022


    -The physical asset will delivered to each one of its owners with the help of data collected upon redeeming the UGOKI Watch at
    - Inside the box, you will be a given a guide on how to trade the physical and digital assets on the secondary market, if one wishes to do so!

  • AUGUST 2022


    We will give the community a range of designs of UGOKI branded T-shirts. Once the community has to come to a conclusion of their liking, we will then proceed to ship them out to its respective owners from the UGOKI Army!

  • SEPTEMBER 2022


    - We will be creating a UGOKI Snow Monkey Art Gallery showcasing incredible Japanese Macaque artwork.
    - A place for our holders to hang out and expand their network/meet like minded-individuals.
    - Current bid is on land co-ordinates (67,-127), construction to start soon after success in purchasing.

    We will be hosting our first networking event in Hong Kong where holders will come in with UGOKI watches. Other venues to be confirmed depending on where the majority of buyers are from!

  • OCTOBER 2022


    - 100 mutant Ugoki Snow Monkeys with exclusive watches as insane as the artwork. 25 Holders from “Expeditious Snow Monkeys on The Block” will be whitelisted, remaining 75 will be up for Public Sale on the secondary market.
    - Sneak Peak of the Mutant drop is set as “The Team”. Watch design will remain a mystery until further announcement.


    Staking feature will be introduced for Ugoki Snow Monkey Holders where they will receive the Ango Token on a weekly basis. Tokenomics and more information coming soon!

  • NOVEMBER 2022


    - UGOKI plans to make Snow Monkey NFTs compatible to become Avatars for individuals in the Virtual World.
    - Airdrop Digital UGOKI Watch NFT to be worn in the Metaverse!


UGOKI means "movement"
in Japanese.


Our Team is Made up of Very Successful Entrepreneurs, Experts in Blockchain, Artists, Marketing Veterans, and NFT World Enthusiasts United by the Same Belief that Watches and NFTs go in Hand in Hand.


Meet the fabricator of the Ugoki Ecosystem, Aiko, an experienced software developer who has served several high-end Japanese fintech companies that Aiko has made.


Blockchain Developer


Takure is the founder of this project, using his managerial skills acquired from his time as CEO of UGOKI LLC to develop strategies and mobilize the team's effort towards our targets.




Haruto manages the affairs of bonafide UGOKI members, shaping their experience to give every single member a sense of belonging in our community.




Itsuki is a public relations expert, who has worked closely with renowned watchmakers in Hong Kong as a social media manager for over eight years. With her fine-tuned people skills, Itsuki handles all communication with the UGOKI community and the rest of the world.


Community Manager


Jiro, a world-class digital artist, is behind the original designs of our NFT collections.




Minato, a Digital Marketer responsible for the take off of several Japanese-based crypto startups, in charge of creating, promoting, and sustaining our brand image


Marketing & Operations

The mutant watch design will remain a mystery until further announcement


The redeemable UGOKI watch can be identified on the minted snow monkey art NFT of the buyer, and the watch worn by the buyer's snow monkey art NFT at determines the watch that can be redeemed.

Whitelist sales of 250 will be completely randomized, allowing you to view your NFT once minted into the buyer's wallet.

Any buyer at any given time who possesses the snow monkey NFT will be able to redeem the watch.

However, if a buyer desires a different watch from the collection, instead of redeeming the watch, they are allowed the option of trading on the secondary marketplace soon after public sales goes live.

The "Lockdown" is a mechanism that prevents redeemed Ugoki NFTs from being resold. This means once you redeem the watch, we lockdown the NFT linked to it permanently. As a result, it can only be transferred or sold to another entity via our in-house UGOKI Marketplace.

Note that the lockdown period does not apply to buyers who don't redeem the watch. Flippers looking to purchase the NFT and sell it off at a higher price, have no concern with the lockdown period.

A Certificate of Authentication will be automatically transferred to the wallet that has redeemed the UGOKI watch at, thereby proving authenticity as they are redeemed.

Your certificate of authentication will shortly be sent to your wallet once the UGOKI watch has been redeemed at

Yes, they can. Both redeemed and unredeemed NFTs are resellable. You can sell an unredeemed watch on any secondary marketplace as an NFT.

However, UGOKI NFTs which possess the redeemable watch are a package and should be traded as such. To this end, we have created an UGOKI exclusive marketplace for selling the pair. Throughout the transaction, we act as intermediaries and use escrow to ensure a fair trade between the two parties.

Simply send us an email at OR reach out to us on any of our socials. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

UGOKI will start delivery of all watches right after the public sale. We set a 3 month lockdown period of UGOKI art NFT during that time to avoid any selling of art NFT when they will be receiving a luxury watch. We will deliver to owners all around the world with data collected from the redeeming process at

Yes, there will be a presale before the public launch. The presale will be for 250 whitelisted spots. Follow us on our social media pages to find out more about how to qualify for the whitelist!

The number of royalties was fixed at 10% to finance the UGOKI NFT’s projects. We have the ambition to organize multiple events around the world to strengthen the community and build a network of entrepreneurs and investors with the same mindset and common interests. The funds collected will benefit the holders. Bear in mind that this percentage is subject to a possible decrease over time.

The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency.

The future phases in the UGOKI NFT roadmap will allow you to join this Metaverse using the assets you own. UGOKI is currently building an art gallery in the Sandbox Metaverse for its holders.

Owning a UGOKI NFT comes with full copyright claims and user sovereignty over the public key it is tied to.

What this means is that any UGOKI NFT holder has the absolute right to use it as they see fit; from profile pictures to the choice of auctioning it out for sale or even using it as an avatar in the metaverse, owners will have the sole right to do as they please with their UGOKI NFT.

Once minted, simply connect your OpenSea account to view your NFTs.